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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tentang Cinta ~

Assalamualaikum wbt and a very good morning to all,

How's your morning today??had all of you taken sahur? =)..hopefully all of you also had performed your responsibility and accountability towards ALLAH swt i.e. Subuh Prayer etc.
This morning, I woke up early in d morning around 5 am, however i missed my sahur, and i just performed Subuh Prayer. Because in Sarawak, Subuh time is early, around 5.00 am. Very sad, i feel uncomfortable without taking any sahur in the morning. Indeed, the sahur is very important for us, there's couples of benefits or "hikmah" why sahur is become one of the "tuntutan" to all of Muslims. (dont want to explain or elaborate much on this, will try to focus back to the topic above).

With reference to the above topic, do you guys know that was my title of my short novel (cerpen) which I wrote just before my marriage. Last time I was targeting to complete the writing  by Middle of last year, 2011. but due to some contributing problems factors, i didn't managed to complete the story at all, (tersadai begitu sahaja without any looks sampai berhabuk).=) i think, not necessary for me to story about what's the problems that i faced which made the novel writing completely surrendered. 

Maybe some of you are wondering now?why so happened now i wanted to flash back or recall everything in the past?? actually i don't want to recall my sad,unhappy, depress, moments. because my understanding is we have to move on regardless of what happened to us in the past. "Don't look back, don't lose hope , have faith in Allah". Now, i am in the midst of preparing my CV to be submitted to one international company, just want to test market or to try my luck in order to find better opportunity and experience in term of working in Oil & Gas Industry. Please do pray for me, i really need all your prayers and motivational support prior for me to success in my undertaking.

I think i need to stop now and continue with my CV preparation. Do take care of your good selves k guys!!

From deep heart,
IM Azlan